Meet interior designer Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is a designer and licensed general contractor working primarily in the Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Atlanta regions. His lifelong passion for design and construction has always driven him in one direction — to create inviting, beautiful environments.

Ryan Johnson

As a kid, Ryan would build a miniature “house” from any material he could find, and then go through catalogs to design each room. As an adult, Ryan took this to a larger scale by renovating, furnishing and reselling many properties, and by working with clients to improve their own homes. His experience includes complete remodels and renovations, interior design consultations and every combination in-between. For him, every project becomes an obsession.

Ryan is a self-taught designer and believes that taste cannot be learned. His design aesthetic is “elegantly casual.” He uses rich textures and patterns but usually with a neutral palate — adding pops of color through accessories. “A neutral background does not mean boring and monochromatic… subtle color variations create depth, and texture catches the light in different ways, changing their effect on the space throughout the day.”

Having recently been featured in several design magazines and chosen to host HomErgency for SheKnows, Ryan is enjoying some media attention. “It is very gratifying to be recognized for something I get so much enjoyment from doing. I would love to show everyone that they should love the work they do, and encourage them to follow their dreams.”


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