Fave laundry room decor finds

May 1, 2012 at 6:25 a.m. ET

Sorting, washing and folding laundry may not be your favorite way to spend the weekend. We'd worry about you, if it were! The good news is -- there's a way you can make your laundry duties a little more enjoyable. Inject some “pretty” into your laundry room with these fun finds.

Montana jarGlass jars

A well-functioning laundry room requires having a lot of "stuff" within reach. Add some beauty and order to your workspace by corralling laundry items into functional (and fabulous) storage containers.

Our favorite glass jars to display laundry room necessities are Anchor Hocking Montana Jars. These pretties come in a variety of sizes, so you use a jumbo size to decant a big box of Borax or beautiful wooden brushes, and a mini Montana to show off vintage clothespins. If you're like us and get excited about color-coordinating your cleaning supplies, you can also use glass jars to display colorful products like purple, blue or yellow Purex crystal fabric softeners.

Glass bottles with stoppers like these Slom bottles from IKEA are perfect for decanting your liquid detergent and displaying on your counter -- so much prettier than a big plastic jug.

Storage basketsStorage baskets

We must admit, we like a whole lot of white in our laundry rooms. White is fresh, it's clean and it helps us pretend we're on a white sandy beach enjoying the ocean breezes, instead of reaching our hands inside stinky socks.

White storage baskets are a great place to stash paper towels, soap bars or even the treasures we fish out of the kids' pockets. Our favorites are the baskets from Land of Nod's Strapping Storage collection. The Cube Bins and Shelf Baskets are just the right size for lining up in an orderly fashion on a laundry room shelf or counter top. If you prefer more color, these storage baskets also come in a rainbow of fresh, bright colors.

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Working in a dimly-lit laundry area isn't the best idea. You need lighting that lets you see your clothing well enough to treat all its dirt and stains. Brighten up your space with lighting that makes you happy every time you flip the switch.

These schoolhouse pendant lights are a simple, crisp way to illuminate a laundry room.

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Trash binTrash bin

A clutter-free laundry room is important. So is a laundry room free of lint and dust. Make sure you have a spot to toss your dryer lint and any throwaways you fish out of pockets. We love the Knodd bin from IKEA for its ample size, bright white color and a lid that keeps dust in the can and out of our way. It's also easy to wipe clean. No mess, no fuss.

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