How skin affects self-confidence

Good skin is a key component of overall beauty and good health, and it can also affect your emotional and mental well-being. Read on to learn more about how your skin can affect your self confidence and outlook on life.

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Though beauty is only skin deep, how your skin looks can affect your self-esteem. Skin is one of the first things others notice about you, and it is probably the first thing you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror every morning.

Good skin makes you feel beautiful

It’s difficult to feel attractive without having healthy skin. Even if you slather on a thick layer of foundation each day and look pretty on the outside, you’ll know that underneath your skin isn’t its best. Instead of relying on cosmetics to cover up skin problems, implement a skin care regimen that will help you solve skin issues and maintain healthy skin.

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Good skin helps you become more confident

From acne as a teenager to fine lines in middle age, skin problems can affect your confidence and self-esteem. When you have healthy skin, you are able to face daily activities and life’s challenges with more confidence. You have enough to worry about — you don’t need to be concerned about how your skin looks, too.

Good skin allows you to be more social

We’ve all dreaded going to a business meeting or out on a first date with a pimple or other skin problem. Getting acne and other skin conditions under control will allow you to be less self-conscious and more confident in any social situation. Though healthy skin won’t fix your love life or get you a raise, it can certainly give you the confidence boost to put your best foot forward.

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Good skin is part of a healthy lifestyle

Unhealthy habits take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. A poor skin care regimen, frequent breakouts, age spots, fine lines and other skin issues can be symptoms of an unhealthy overall lifestyle. Though you can’t stop the sands of time or avoid ever having a pimple again, you can control skin damage and try to slow down the signs of aging. By making the right choices when it comes to skin care, you can look good and feel good about yourself.

Check out the video below where Tyra Banks talks to Dr. Alex Khadavi about acne, skin conditions and self-esteem.

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