Top 5 reasons to love laundry day

Don’t let mountains of dirty laundry pile up! Modern conveniences speed laundry day and remind us to be grateful for fresh clothes and linens.

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Not everyone is thrilled when it’s laundry day. If your dirty laundry and linens are piling up and you dread tackling the task, consider some reasons to love laundry day… really!


The smell of fresh, clean clothes and linens is wonderful! The feel of crisp sheets is a boon to both the body and the mind after a hard day at work. Think about climbing into a bed made up with your favorite sheets that have been dried in the sun. It’s blissfully calming.

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There’s something satisfying about knowing that you and your family have plenty of clean clothes and fresh towels. To see the hampers of dirty items disappear and be replaced with neatly folded piles of clean garments is gratifying. And it makes everyone’s morning routine stress-free when you have clean clothing options to select from. Your favorite pieces are good to go when you are!

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Once you’ve loaded and started the washer, you know the time left before the load is transferred to the dryer and how long the drying cycle lasts. Consider those minutes your “found” time! It’s just long enough to get in a workout on the treadmill or stroll around the block with the dog — or even to reward yourself with a cup of tea and a few pages of a good book! Luckily, while the machines do the work for us, you’ll find little slices of time to use for other chores or just relaxing. Take a coffee break!


Doing laundry provides the opportunity to check over favorite clothing: it’s when you spot a stain that needs treating or a tear that requires mending. You check pockets and find a missing item or money — or even notice a loose button. With the cost of clothing, it’s great to be on top of things so your favorite shirt can last longer and is always ready to wear! The ritual of doing laundry alerts us to caring for things we love to wear.

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Be grateful that laundry day is comparatively easy. Great products remove stains while making clothing bright and fresh. Fragrant fabric softeners add soothing comfort and gentle scent, and today’s washers and dryers have wonderful features including steam for sanitizing and banishing wrinkles — and they even operate whisper-quietly. On frigid days, you’re not out at a creek with a load of laundry, a washboard and a bar of lye soap! Instead, you might be stepping out of a warm shower into a toasty bath sheet fresh from the dryer! Modern appliances and smartly formulated products have transformed laundry chores into no big deal!

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