5 Must-have laundry room organizers

Laundry room organization helps you stay stocked-up and stress-free on washing days. Help yourself with some must-have organizers!

Clutter free laundry room

Doing laundry is a lot easier if everything you need to clean and care for your clothes is all in one place and neatly organized! Sensible solutions are at hand… and that’s where your supplies should be, too! With a few smart organizing items, laundry day won’t be such a chore.

You’ll find dozens of tools to help you organize and master laundry duty. Here are some favorites:


Wheeled laundry cart

Ideally, keep the cart with its multiple hampers near the bedrooms or bath so dirty clothes and linens can be tossed in the appropriate bin — whites, darks, delicates — as you go. It streamlines the task of sorting and is ready to wheel to the washer on laundry day. The laundry bags are removable and easy to carry individually as well.


Built-in ironing board

Just flip it down and plug in the iron… a built-in ironing board makes ironing less of a chore. Wall-mounted centers come with a spotlight to illuminate the work surface and even an electric outlet for the iron. Compact and very convenient!


Shelves and product organizers

Make it easy on yourself with storage solutions for laundry essentials like detergents and fabric softeners. Over-the-appliance shelves or narrow storage cubes that snuggle in between washers and dryers make use of tight spaces.


Wall-mounted valet

Keep wrinkles away, even when your laundry room is too space-challenged for a conventionally sized drying rack or clothes pole. The wall-mounted valet flips down to hold hangers as you empty the dryer and folds up tightly against the wall when not in use.


Mesh lingerie bags

Everyone in the family should have a lingerie bag! Underwear and socks as well as delicate items can be washed right in the bag and there’s less wear and tear on the garments. Delicates don’t get snagged or frayed and the items stay together, so you’ll end the frustration of searching for a missing sock! Just toss the bags in the washer and dryer — no more sorting or folding!

Other ideas to help on laundry day

Keep a small wastebasket or bowl near the washer for change and small items that come out of pockets before you do the wash. A few oversized clips mounted to the wall hold items to be mended. Decanting detergent into a glass container lets you easily see when the supply is running low.

quick tip

Take advantage of products that do laundry day double or triple duty! Purex makes a three-in-one laundry sheet that provides detergent with stain-blocker in the washer, and delivers anti-static and softeners when activated by the heat in the dryer.

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