Secrets to keeping your hair on the hot list

Feb 20, 2012 at 4:58 a.m. ET

Finding a new hairstyle often becomes a delicate balancing act between going classic and going trendy -- luckily, certain styles can help you achieve both. Use these tips to keep your hair on the hot list.

Woman getting hairct

Whether you flat-iron it one day or curl it up the next, we've outlined the secrets to keeping your hair on the hot list.

Pick a cut that flatters your face

Many women go to the stylist asking for the trendiest haircuts rather than those that actually flatter their specific face shapes. Instead of opting for Zooey Deschanel's heavy, thick bangs simply because they're the in thing, think about your face shape. Our hairstyle lounge can give you a better idea of what styles look good on round, long, square and oval face shapes. Then, once you get a cut that flatters, play with layers and various looks. Curl it up, straighten it out or pin it back in the latest trendy styles.

Make changes that aren't permanent

If you want to play around with cute, trendy styles, but you're not ready to make the full-time commitment of new highlights or a bright new shade of red, make small changes first:

  • Maybe you want highlights but you're unsure if they'll look good on you. Head to your stylist for a look at feather or synthetic hair extensions. This way, when you tire of the new look, you can simply snip it out of your hair and return to the old you.
  • Before you permanently dye your hair, try out a temporary color. This way, you can see if the color looks good with your skin tone and eye color without taking an emergency trip to the stylist if the color doesn't work out.
  • Not sure if you'll look good with bangs? Several hair extension brands sell clasp-on bangs that actually look quite natural and can be styled according to your tastes.

Classic Oscar hairstylesWatch for trends

Keeping your hair on trend is about more than just getting the hottest new cut. Jennifer Aniston's short, choppy bob might not be the best decision for your face type, but that doesn't mean you can't keep up with what's happening in hair fashion. Ethereal braids, loose, big curls and feather extensions are all huge right now. Plus, they're easy to create! Take a cue from Blake Lively: her long, wavy hair could be unmanageable, but she keeps it intact with bohemian braided styles that match her overall personal look.

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