After the glamour: Best ways to repair damaged hair

Last night, you looked stunning. Your hair was curled and straightened in the right places, and the hairspray you used kept every little hair on your head in place. Beauty comes with a price, though. This morning, you’re probably feeling like your hair was dragged through a sea of torture. Here’s how to get your hair back to its shiny, pretty, normal self after a night of glamorous fun.

Woman drying hair

Wash out the product

Between the mousse, hairspray and balm you used to create your perfect updo, odds are your hair is feeling crunchy and greasy this morning. The first step is to wash all of that out! Since you overdid the products last night, using a moisturizing or damage-repairing shampoo and conditioner is your first step to getting your healthy hair back. While you’re in the shower, leave the conditioner in your hair until you’re ready to hop out. The longer you condition, the easier it will be to comb through your hair. The easier your hair is to comb through, the less damage your brush will leave behind.

Let it go natural

Everyday red carpet hair

If you have a free day to simply relax, don’t worry about your hair. Feel free to go natural for a day. If you just recently washed your hair, skip the hair dryer and hot tools for a day. Let your hair have a day off. Toss in a little leave-in conditioner to keep things moisturized. The next day, your hair will look shiny and full of life again.

Use a hair mask

You use a moisturizing mask when your skin is feeling tired, dry and cracked, so why not do the very same with your hair? Readymade products are available over the counter at your local drug store, but if you want to go natural, there are plenty of homemade recipes that will help restore moisture and shine. Yogurt, bananas and avocados are all perfect ingredients for a hair mask. Plus, they smell great!

No-poo for a few

The no-poo movement isn’t exactly what it sounds like. Instead, you simply don’t shampoo your hair to help it restore its natural balance. The argument for the no-poo movement is that shampoo strips your hair of natural oils that make your hair sleek and shiny. Sure, you might be oily for a few days, but eventually your hair will balance itself out. Even if you only no-poo for a few days, it’s better than adding harmful chemicals to your hair, especially if you’re looking to restore its natural luster.

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