Meet interior designer Trish Beaudet

Meet Trish Beaudet, interior designer for SheKnows HomeStretch.

Trish Beaudet has been an interior designer for more than 10 years. She opened her own interior design business in 2001 to pursue her passion and flair for design. Within a very short time, Trish built a solid reputation with her clients, and her business flourished in residential and commercial design.

Loving all things design, Trish describes her style as warm modern with a touch of glam. She believes every room should have an unexpected element and touch of whimsy. Designing that’s tailored for her clients and their lifestyles results in spaces that always reflect their personalities and tastes, making their houses truly their homes.

In 2008, Trish was chosen from more than 10,000 applicants to appear on HGTV’S Design Star, a reality-based competition in which nine interior designers vie for their own shows on HGTV. Praised highly for her on-camera talents and natural hosting skills, Trish placed third in the highly competitive arena. Being a part of the show solidified her passion for design and showed Trish how much she enjoys the television production process; moreover, the strengths the show revealed helped her realize that she could pursue a career as a host for design television.

Since the show, Trish has worked with a local television station on various design segments for its news broadcast. The station eventually asked her to develop a concept for a five-episode design show. Trish developed the Refined Design series that showcased the renovation process of a 10,000-square-foot home and aired locally in Michigan in 2010. The viewers were able to experience the trials and triumphs of the design and renovation process from start to finish. Acting as a producer, head designer and host, Trish again showed her natural ease and skill in front of the camera.

This year, Trish has worked on several projects with SheKnows, appearing on last season’s Homestretch: Battle of the Media Makeovers and recently hosting 10 SheKnows how-to videos.

As the owner of an interior design business and mother of three, Trish is extremely energetic and always on the go. Quick-witted and sarcastically funny, Trish believes in making the most of every moment, every day.

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