Meet the Decker family

Oct 21, 2011 at 12:24 a.m. ET

Meet the Decker family from SheKnows HomeStretch.

the decker family

The Decker family lives in Peoria, Arizona. Dave owns a company called Articulate Motion Fabrication that builds custom off-road and race vehicles. Sue is a top-selling real estate agent in the Phoenix metro area and is nine months pregnant. A few months ago, Dave moved his company from a large shop space to their home so he would be closer to help Sue with the kids and the new baby. Moving the shop into their garage has caused some big challenges. As a real estate agent, Sue needs her vehicle to be clean and ready to pick up clients at a moment's notice, but since the shop has taken over the garage, her vehicle has been kicked out of the garage and into the elements. The Decker family desperately needs storage solutions for all of the equipment and tools that Dave uses on a daily basis, and Sue would like to park her vehicle in the garage in the evenings.