Best paint colors for your garage

Your garage is probably one of the most utilized spaces in your house. It’s also probably one of the most neglected. Jazz it up with a coat of paint and make your garage look as great as the rest of your home.

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You have to take a different approach when painting the inside of your garage. You use it differently than every other room in your home, so there are many new factors to consider.

1Choosing your color

When choosing the color for your garage, you have to think about what goes on in that room. If the garage is used for work, like carpentry or car repair, you definitely want a light color since light colors reflect the most light. You’ll probably want to consider a light color even if you don’t use the garage for any of those things, since most garages only get natural light when the door is up.

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Not every light color is going to work well in a garage, though. Garages tend to get dirty, so you should go with a color that’s not going to show a lot of dirt. Avoid whites and yellows. Instead, choose a light shade of gray or brown. These colors are sophisticated and modern. They also hide dirt well, so they’re perfect for a garage space.

2Walls you can wash

Choose a semi-gloss paint for your garage because it shows dirt less, wears better and can usually be wiped down frequently without showing damage. If you like to keep your garage squeaky clean, choose a washable paint so you don’t have to worry about wear when you notice the walls need a good scrub. Washable paints are usually found with paints intended for children’s rooms, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

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3Jazz it up

Because garages are hard-working rooms, design the walls so that they have a purpose. Use chalkboard paint for a chalkboard surface right on your wall. These are great for shopping lists, to-do lists and project plans. If you want to dress it up a little, hang trim around the painted section. The finished project will look like you’ve hung a store-bought chalkboard, but it’s much cheaper to do it yourself! If your garage is attached to your house, place the chalkboard near the entrance from the garage into your home. Make sure it’s low enough that everyone in your home can reach it, and large enough that you don’t run out of writing space.

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