Tips for painting garage doors

Does your garage need a facelift? Try painting the garage door! A new coat of paint on the door will do wonders for your garage and your whole house.

Painted garage doors

Your garage door is exposed to the elements. Over time, it can fade, chip and rust. Painting the garage door can make your whole garage look new again. It’s a cheap fix, and it doesn’t take much time. These tips from SheKnows will make the process easier, and ensure you get it done right the first time.

1Timing matters

When deciding the date to paint your garage, choose wisely. In order for the paint to dry properly, you’ll need temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold. You’ll also need a few days without rain, so pay attention to the weather forecast. Start early in the day, so you’ll have enough sunlight to get it all done in one day.

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2Prepare your surfaces

This is probably the worst part, but you have to prepare your surfaces if you want your paint job to last. First, sand off any peeling paint. If you have metal doors, look for signs of rust, and sand that away as well. If any metal is exposed, you’ll need to cover it with a special primer to protect the metal from rusting.

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You have to clean the door before you paint it. Use a power washer on a low setting, or just scrub it with a sponge soaked in detergent and water. Make sure to wash away all the dirt and grime, and pay special attention to the bottom, since this is where most of the gunk builds up. Let the door dry completely before you start to paint.

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Make sure you prep everything the right way before you get started. It might seem like a pain, but those few extra steps at the beginning will save you a ton of work later. Tape all the edges around the door to keep your siding from getting painted. Also, lift the garage door up a bit and lay down plastic, a tarp or cardboard before you put the door back down. This will keep both the floor of your garage and the driveway from catching drips and spills.

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If you’re making a drastic change in colors or if you’re starting with a dark color, you’re going to need a coat of primer. Make sure the primer you pick is meant for outdoor use, and that it’s suited for your surface.


Use a latex-based paint for your door. Paint in thin layers, and let each coat dry before you start the next coat. That shouldn’t be a problem since you’re painting such a large surface — by the time you finish the first coat, the side you started on should be dry. Use a roller for the bigger surfaces and a small brush for edges or any details.

Wait at least 24 hours after you paint to open the garage door.

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