Types of garage doors

Garages are a mainstay of the American home, and are used for storing vehicles, tools, seasonal decorations, sporting equipment and other miscellaneous items. For the majority of us, the garage door is an afterthought we only consider during times of malfunction. In reality, it is the garage door which dictates the look of the garage, as well as its functionality and safety.

Garage doors

Garage doors come in different designs and functions, which may leave you wondering which one would best suit your preferences. Here’s a low-down on the basic types of garage doors and how to choose the right one for you:


We’ve all seen the canopy garage door at work, folding up into the ceiling of your garage. It stays straight and is one of the less expensive types of garage doors found readily on the market. A disadvantage of the canopy is that the swing-up arc of the door occurs partially outside the garage. This means a vehicle must stop and park several feet in front of the door to avoid being hit by the garage door when it is opened.

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The reverse of the canopy is the sectional garage door. As you may have already guessed, this one is usually constructed of six to eight panels and folds up into the ceiling in sections. It’s a non-intrusive and cosmetically appealing type of technology because of its ability to fold and go all the way up. Most people say that it is relatively easy to install if you follow the instructions.

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Roller garage doors have roll-up doors, usually constructed of corrugated steel, that are made of many small sections joined into one large unit. A typical single-car garage roller door will have a preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism — when used for commercial purposes, this door usually opens and closes with a manual pulley system. Roller garage doors, as sectionals, leave you with a lot of room to park your car in the driveway because the garage door doesn’t open outward.

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This is a traditional garage door that opens like a normal door, and is hinged to the door opening of the garage. These doors also require space in front of the garage to open, as well as room for the door itself if you decide to leave it open. Because of this space constraint, these doors are not suitable for narrow or short driveways.

Garage doors dictate the look and feel of the exterior of your home. Don’t be afraid to select non-traditional materials for your garage door — like wood — or to experiment with garage door window options.

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