Smart garage storage systems

Wondering why your two-car garage only fits one? From seasonal decorations such as inflatable Halloween ghosts and boxes of Christmas trimmings, to a plethora of balls, bats and other sports gear, a garage is the storage catch-all for a majority of the larger, bulky items in the house. Manage the garage mayhem with smart garage storage systems you can purchase, or create one of your own!

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1Shelves and cabinets

Shelves can be easily customized to accommodate any item you are looking to store. For example, using the pre-drilled peg holes, the width of the shelf can be just large enough to easily contain your artificial Christmas tree or oversized toy chest. Cabinets are a great way to close off the disarray of the items within, as well as to partition the interior of the garage into sections according to its use.

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2Drawers and racks

Drawers and racks are best for smaller items such as tools, painting supplies and gardening equipment. You can organize them according to purpose or need — power tools on the top shelf, wrenches lower down and so on. While the super-duty work chests are fabulous, you don’t necessarily have to spend the big bucks. You can always be frugal by using an old chest of drawers, lining the interior with grip cabinet liners and letting the kids paint it in their own style! This homemade version serves the same purpose and doesn’t cost as much.

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3Wall systems

Every inch of garage wall space counts, so don’t just use it to hang rakes and bikes! Create a complete wall system with plywood shelves, sturdy hooks and peg boards to organize cords, skateboards and just about anything else that is preventing you from getting into your car. Many wall systems are easy to create on your own and don’t require much more than a power drill and some muscle!

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3Overhead racks

The ceiling space is the most overlooked area of the garage. Make the most out of your garage space by integrating overhead storage units. This allows you to put the rarely-used clutter up and away from the cars and entry paths. Be sure that you measure the drop of the overhead racks carefully — especially if you drive a taller vehicle like a van, truck or SUV.

Manage your garage’s mayhem with any (or all!) of these garage storage ideas and transform your garage into an extension of your home.

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