Simple beauty tips to feel pretty all day long

Jun 20, 2011 at 10:23 a.m. ET

With helpful tips and simple advice from the experts, you'll achieve lasting beauty and feel pretty all day long.

Woman putting on blush

1Pretty skin

Get a natural looking glow by exfoliating, says SexyFlirtyAndFit blogger Martinique Carter. While in the shower, use a deep cleaning body and face scrub to remove dead skin. Follow with a light moisturizer -- self-tanning for your body and luminizing for your face.

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2Lasting make-up

To keep your look feeling fresh all day long, opt for smudge-proof and waterproof make-up, says Stacy Provines Reid, creator of TINte Cosmetics. (Tip: Apply your make-up with a dampened cosmetic brush to help it stay put.)

Stylist Jamie Miller of the Skyline Downtown Salon in Kansas City, MO loves moisturizing water sprays and spray toners. "They’re a great way to moisturize and refresh. Use before applying make-up for a clean, smooth palate and after to set the make-up."

Try more of Miller's easy tips for all-day beauty:

  • Use a peachy, natural blush on the apples of your cheeks and feel "glowy" all day.
  • Apply one coat of thick black mascara to bare eyes for a look that's made up, but not overdone.
  • Use lip stain to give lips and cheeks a punch of lasting color that’s perfect day or night.
  • Roller ball perfumes fit in the smallest bags and keep you smelling nice all the time!

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3Bright, white teeth

Put your best face foward with a gorgeous smile. Cosmetic dentist John Koutsoyiannis, founder of SOHOSMILE, offers simple advice for achieving your best smile:

  • Take two minutes to brush and floss after every meal. (Expert tip: Electric toothbrushes work best.)
  • Use drinking straws to allow stain-causing dyes to bypass your teeth.
  • Enjoy natural teeth-cleaning foods such as strawberries, lemons and raw veggies.
  • Chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva production to help rid your mouth of bacteria (and bad breath!).
  • Avoid foods and drinks that can stain teeth: coffee, tea, red wine, cola... and cigarettes!

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4Lighten up

Make-up artist to the stars Brett Freedman encourages his celebrity clients to replace drab, muddy shades with light and luminous colors:

  • Shimmer up your cheeks and eyes with a pinkish shades. Use a gel stain for a youthful look.
  • Replace black and brown liners with a sweep of plum liquid eyeliner.
  • Juice up your lips with a fruity lip gloss shade like watermelon, apricot and berry shades.

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5Tamed eyebrows

Brows are always very important to keep the structure of the face elevated, says Freedman. Keep the brow tidy and amp up their crispness with a touch of brow powder. Brow powder looks so natural, it's almost foolproof. Choose a color that is one shade lighter than your eyebrow hairs. Hightlight the brow bone with a creamy champagne eyeshadow to lift the eye area and add a nice vividness to the brows. Finish with a sweep of a brow and a dab of gel for staying power.

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