8 Must-have beauty tools to simplify your beauty routine

Look your best and simplify your morning routine by using these beauty tools.

Must have beauty products

1Wet/dry flat iron

If you are addicted to straightening your hair, a flat iron is a must. You can dry and straighten your hair in one simple step with a wet/dry flat iron. These styling tools will make your morning routine a whole lot easier. Numerous companies make wet-to-dry irons, including Folica, Conair, Remington and CHI. Keep in mind, you can’t use a flat iron on sopping wet hair — your hair needs to be mostly dry (just damp). Follow these tips to choose the right flat iron.

2Skin care brush

The Clarisonic Skin Care System features a micro-oscillating brush that deep cleans your skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed. You might be wondering how taking the time to use this high-tech product can simplify your routine. Well, this skin care brush removes six times more make-up, eliminates dry patches, reduces blemishes and much more. You can even use it in the shower. Because it transforms your skin, you’ll spend less time later on fix-it products to get your skin back into shape. Also, check out these skin care tips from dermatologists.


Every girl needs a great pair of tweezers. Tweezers allow you to pluck away stray hairs at home and on the go. Tweezerman offers a fantastic selection of high-quality tweezers that are perfectly-aligned and precise. Check out these tips to learn how to shape your brows like a pro.

4Heated eyelash curler

Curling mascara curls, lengthens and defines your lashes in one swipe of the wand, however if you want to forgo the mascara, a heated eyelash curler will do the trick. These handy gadgets heat up in just a few seconds and deliver perfectly curled lashes that last all day.

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5Make-up brushes

A great set of make-up brushes is essential for looking your best. Keep in mind that the best set of brushes, however, isn’t the biggest. Too many brushes is overkill, and they’ll just clutter up your bathroom vanity. Instead, pick a 6-piece set of brushes that includes a big fluffy brush for foundation and powder, as well as a blush brush, eye shadow/brow brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush and lip brush. Brush up on your beauty know-how with this make-up brush guide.

6Powerful hair dryer

Ideally, we would all let our hair air dry every day, but that’s not realistic. To get your hair dry fast, pick a professional quality blow dryer with a lightweight body and fast drying time. It’s actually better for your hair to be dried quickly on high heat than for a much longer period of time on a lower setting. Select a blow dryer with plenty of power and a diffuser to protect your curls.

7Hot rollers

Go old school with a set of hot rollers. Hot rollers can create beautiful soft waves, cascading curls and romantic ringlets. Today’s hair setters feature ceramic, molecular and other technology to protect your hair and deliver fast results. In the morning, roll your hair, allow it to set as you put on your make-up, then remover the rollers for instant beauty.

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8Cotton swabs

Sometimes the best beauty tools are the simplest ones. Cotton swabs simplify your beauty regimen by cleaning up stray mascara, applying eye shadow and much more. Tuck a small pack of cotton swabs in your make-up bag and keep a big box in your bathroom cabinet at home.

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