7 Family movie room must-haves

May 1, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

It’s not always easy to get your family all together in one place. When you do, you want a family movie room that they’ll all enjoy spending time in. Make sure you have these family movie room must-haves.

Family movie night

You look forward to movie night every week, because it's the one time your whole family congregates in one place. Make sure your family movie room is up to par with these seven must-have items.


It's not a movie room without a television. Today's flat screens are cheaper than they've ever been. Invest in a rear projection, high-definition LCD or plasma television. Get the biggest model that will fit your room, but keep in mind the larger your television, the farther back you need to sit. Put it in a cabinet with doors if you want to hide it away when not in use.


Encourage everyone to take a seat and stay awhile by providing them all with comfy places to crash. Invest in a big couch, some chairs, pillows and bean bags so your whole clan can crash wherever they see fit.


Hardwood floors are all the rage, but they don't encourage snuggling. If you've got hard surfaced floors in your family movie room, consider carpeting it or using throw rugs. Place a large area rug under the viewing area of the room, or use several smaller throw rugs in front of the television, couch and other popular spots.

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What's movie night without snacks? Make sure your family has a place to set their food and drinks in between munching sessions. Use a coffee table and end tables, as well as TV trays and serving trays to make sure everyone has a place to set snacks. This will make your life easier, as well, because it helps prevent spills and stains.

5Game systems

It may be a movie room, but give your family a few more options. Take advantage of the great TV and hook up a game system as well. Some of the newer, full-body game systems like Wii and Xbox Kinect will offer your family a get up and move option, instead of spending every evening on the couch.

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No one likes to hang out in a cluttered space. Family movie rooms are usually stocked with DVDs, CDs and more. If your family movie room is a place where everyone congregates, it'll accumulate lots of other stuff in a hurry. Provide a space to store it so your family can enjoy a clutter-free space. Use shelves with totes and baskets, cabinets or large tubs to catch all the items that wind up in this room.

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7Play area

If your family includes young children, you know it's not always easy to catch their attention for an entire movie. Provide a small play area to keep them occupied and in your sight while the rest of the family settles in to a flick.

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