5 Secrets to a media room your family will love

May 1, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Media rooms are quickly gaining in popularity as the hottest new must-have for homes. Make yours one that your whole family will love with these tips.

Family in media room

Your media room is the perfect place for your family to gather, spending a Friday night huddled around the screen, watching a favorite television show or new movie release.

There are no set parameters for what you must have in a media room; it should be built around the style and preferences of your family. There are a few key items, however, that will make sure your media room is a space your whole family will love.


The perfect screen

Probably one of the most important aspects of any media room is the screen. You have a nearly endless selection of options, all of which are more affordable than ever. Overhead projectors are popular picks for media rooms because they give the room a true movie theater feel, but keep in mind this device also greatly limits your choices for lighting in the room. Instead, consider a flat screen LCD or plasma television for their ease of use and adaptability. Whichever option you choose, make sure you go big and high-definition. These two key factors will help your family get the most out of the room.

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2Sound off

The perfect sound system will transport your family from your home to another world when they're watching a movie. Today's speakers are small and unobtrusive, so they can blend seamlessly into any decor. Attach them to your walls or set them on shelves all around the room. You can even have them built right into the walls.

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3Get comfy

If you want your family to congregate in the media room, make sure they have plenty of places to crash. Theater-type seating is a popular choice, but try a larger variety of seats to make sure there's a seat to fit every person and every situation. Get at least one comfy couch -- more if you have the space -- as well as a chair or two that reclines. Throw in a few bean bag chairs and tons of pillows, and you'll have a room where everyone can get comfy.

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4Bring on the snacks

Sure, the kitchen is right down the hall, but who wants to pause the movie for a snack break? Add a small refrigerator and even a microwave, and watch your family rejoice. Stock the fridge with your family's favorites, and keep a popcorn bowl and a few packages of microwaveable popcorn hidden somewhere in the room.

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5Take control

Take control of your entire media room without losing your seat on the sofa. Some of today's top-of-the-line universal remote controls can control everything from the television and the lights to the curtains. Your hubby will be in heaven with this high-tech device in his hands, and your kids will love to show it off to their friends.

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