How to get photo-shoot ready hair

Tired of looking at pictures of yourself with limp, boring hair? Then it’s time to do something about it! Whether you’re prepping for your head shot at work or for your annual family portrait, use these expert hair tips to get photo shoot ready hair in no time.

1Photo shoot ready hairPhoto shoot hair basics

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your photo shoot, make sure it’s flattering to your face. Also, be sure to use styling products that will hold your style, but won’t cause your hair to appear stiff or plastic. Lastly, avoid any extreme hairstyles that will distract the eye and take the focus away from your face.

2Bring on the body

Celebrity stylist George Papanikolas has worked with Nicole Richie and Britney Spears, among others. To get their hair photo shoot ready, Papanikolas says it’s all about creating body. “After washing your hair,  blow dry hair up and away from the head to give extra lift and body,” he said.

3Pin as you dry

To help boost body, Papanikolas suggests setting your hair in pin curls as you dry each section. “This will help give you a loose photo shoot ready wave, plus body,” he said.

4Curl, baby curl

Want more curl? Papanikolas recommends using a curling iron if you want extra waves. Try this hair trick: “Twist the hair around the iron as you wrap it — this gives more of a wave to the hair than an actual spiral curl if you just wrap it,” he said.

5Finish the job

You’re almost ready for your big shoot! Finish with a soft-hold hairspray, then add a small drop of shine serum on the ends for added gloss. “If it’s beach texture you’re after, try spraying a texture spray on the ends of dry hair to create that perfect beach texture,” Papanikolas said.

If your hair’s newly washed and too slick for creative styling, use dry shampoo to add texture to your hair and help your hairstyle last.

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