Low-calorie cocktails

What fabulous femme fatale doesn’t love to let loose with a cocktail (or three) after a hard day’s work — or, hell, simply after a long day lounging in the sun? We’re not judging… we’re right there with ya! But all those cocktails can equate to some serious calorie intake, so you might want to consider swapping out your usual calorie-laden liquid lovelies for some low-cal cocktails. Give these four simple sip swaps a try to ensure you stay svelte in your suit all summer long. And get inspired with some low-cal cocktail recipes, too.

Woman drinking champagne

Cursive number 1Champagne

Wine aficionados and beer junkies alike will love this simple and oh-so-classy cocktail swap — Champagne! While a 4-ounce glass of wine (who drinks just four ounces anyway?) or a 12-ounce bottle of light beer will set you back about 100 calories, a 4-ounce glass of the bubbly stuff is a mere 85 calories.

Cursive number 2Coconut rum and cranberry

Tropical sips such as a pina colada can cost you some serious calories. A creamy pina colada is roughly 650 calories — that’s enough to bloat you right out of your bikini! Cut this calorie-rich cocktail out of your life for good, but don’t lose that tropical feeling with this simple switch. Make a swap to a sip under 100 calories — order coconut-flavored rum with light cranberry juice and a splash of diet lemon-lime soda.

Cursive number 3Watermelon martini

Yes, the Cosmopolitan has been synonymous with sassy and sophisticated singles since the ladies of Sex and the City starting sipping them way back when. But what Carrie Bradshaw didn’t tell you is this cocktail will set you back 250 calories. Try a refreshing watermelon martini instead, and you’ll still get to sip a pink drink out of a fancy glass, but you’ll save 125 calories.

Cursive number 4Vodka soda

It may not be super sexy, but this simple sip is a mere 75 calories per drink. And it sure beats guzzling down vodkas with energy drinks (which are so bad for you on levels beyond the excessive calories — 150 a pop). If you don’t love the taste of soda water, get experimental with diet sodas or diet juices.

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