Tricks for growing out hair

Ditching those short tresses for long, luxurious locks can be a lengthy and difficult process. Follow these tricks and tips to get the long, healthy hair you see in magazines, on celebrities and in your dreams.

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Cursive number 1

Trim your hair from day one and trim it often

This trick seems counterproductive. After all, if you’re trying to grow out your hair, why would you chop it off? The fact is that weak, overprocessed hair can’t grow. Instead, it snaps off at the ends, leaving you with a head full of uneven locks. When you first begin growing out your hair, head to the salon to lop off any split ends and damage, making it the perfect canvas upon which your beautiful creation will grow. As your hair begins to grow out, trim it often to maintain the same blunt, healthy look without dead ends.

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Cursive number 2Avoid overstyling

Crimpers, curlers and flat irons are the enemy of long hair. Heated tools scald hair into taking shape, leaving behind damage in the process. If you want to curl your hair, think about using foam curlers instead. They’re easy to use and with no heat, there’s no risk of damaging your growing hair. If you’d like to use a hair dryer, use it on its lowest heat setting to avoid damage and use a heat-protecting product.

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Cursive number 3Avoid chemicals

Harsh chemicals have no place near your hair anymore. Peroxide, perm and straightening chemicals are especially harmful to fragile follicles. Going au natural is the best way to ensure you don’t let chemical damage get in the way of you and your long hair.

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Cursive number 4Eat right

Just as the right food can strengthen your body, it can also strengthen your hair. Proteins in beans and poultry, as well as “good fats” in avocados, salmon and nuts can help you grow hair long and strong. On the opposite side of the spectrum, crash dieting can lead to brittle hair, or even hair loss. Get your proteins and fatty acids, even if it’s only for your hair.

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Cursive number 5Brush gently

When combing out knots from your growing hair, make sure you do it gradually. Ripping knots out will only damage otherwise healthy strands of hair. Be careful with what kind of brush you use. A natural fiber brush, like one made with boar hair bristles, is softer on the head and gentle on the hair.

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