How to hide a bad bang cut

Bangs can be chunky and blunt, soft and wispy or somewhere in between. When they are done right, bangs are beautiful. But when things go wrong, you have a hair disaster on your hands. To hide a bad bang cut, follow these hairstyling tips and tricks.

Bad bang fixes

1Fake them

If your bangs are super short, use an extreme part to hide them. Pin your actual bangs to the side with bobby pins, then make a part on the far opposite side of your head to create the illusion of long bangs. This can be ultra sleek for a romantic look or messy for a modern style. Hairstyles with an extreme side part are trendy right now and no one will even know about your bang disaster.

2Separate them

If your bangs are long enough to obstruct your vision but still too short to be incorporated into the rest of your hairstyle, part your hair in the middle (or a little off center, if you prefer) and sweep your bangs to each side. You may need to use a curling iron until you train your hair to stay out of the middle.

3Decorate them

Don’t try to fix bad bangs by grabbing a pair of scissors. If you make them any shorter, it will just take longer for them to grow out. Fortunately, hair accessories are trendy and adorable. Grab some clips, pins, beads, combs and anything else you can get your hands on. Experiment with different accessories, pinning your bangs back or to the side. You are sure to find a style that you love. If you choose cute, colorful hair accessories, no one will even notice your bad bangs.

Celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo stresses the importance of bangs: “If they go wrong, bangs can make your eyes look closer together, or they can weigh you down into a heavy, old-fashioned look. Get them right and they frame the features of your face, drawing attention to cheekbones and eyes.” Arrojo offers these three tips to save bad bangs:

Bad bang fixes

4Turn them up

You can switch your style by going for a pompadour — that’s when the fringe is turned back off the forehead in a roll. To do, simply grab your bangs, tease back, lift and pin into place with a bobby pin. Fix into place with ARROJO holding spray. It’s also a good idea to make the rest of the hairstyle big –– give your hair lots of volume to match that newly volumized fringe.

5Wear a hat

Another option is to cover up with a hat. If you’re wearing a form-fitting hat like a baseball cap or fedora, it’s best to put your hair in a ponytail. With these tight-fitting hats, if the hair is left down, it can make locks stick inelegantly close to the neck and the back. If you want to wear your hair down, choose a loose fitting, soft-rimmed or bucket-style hat instead.

6Go Boho-chic

One more cover-up option is to wrap your hair with a headscarf or headband, creating a cool bohemian style. If you choose to cover your hair with the scarf, it will give your hair much needed protection from the sun as the warmer months approach.

Celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo says, “If you’re not feeling good about your bangs, go and get yourself a free bang trim. We offer free bang trims at ARROJO studio and so do most good salons. And, if your stylist has messed them up, the least they should do is fix them for free. Or, if you never want to go back, find a new salon. Requesting a bang trim gives you a great chance to check out that new place -– and, if they want you as a long-term customer, it should be free.”

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