Eyeshadows that make you look younger

The stresses of life and natural aging can leave eyes looking less than fresh. Here are expert tips on how the right eyeshadow color and application can help you look (and maybe even feel!) younger.

140s woman with eyeshadowLess is More

Hair and make-up artist Heather Adessa advises that for a day-to day-look, less eye make-up will actually make you look younger and more refreshed.

  • Find the right colors for you. Discover colors that complement your skin tone and eye color (HINT: It’s not always brown!).

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  • Avoid using too much shadow. Excess shadow can settle into eye lines and creases, ultimately accentuating what you’re trying to conceal.
  • Stick to matte shades. Joy N Randall, licensed cosmetoligst and owner of Flawless Make-up Art advises that for the most part, and especially for day, mature women should stick to matte shades. While the popularity of mineral-based make-up has led to a slight sheen in most eye products, too much glitter and shimmer will enhance wrinkles and texture in the skin. (You can play with some glitter for evening, but to be complementary, it must be applied in the right places).

2Pay attention to application

Adessa advises that if you have extra skin on your brow bone that hangs near the lid, avoid applying dark colors on the lid. (Dark hues will attract eyes straight to the skin you are likely trying to minimize). Stick to lighter tones to brighten up the lid portion. Then, apply a highlighter shade under the brow to blend the lid up to the brow eye area. This technique will create open space instead of a darker smaller one.

3Think light and dark

Celebrity make-up artist Andrew Sotomayor says that the right eye make-up can instantly make you look years younger; the trick is to use both light and dark shades. He recommends palettes like Kashka Beige by Chanel and the Eyelift Shadow Duo by Mally Beauty. Sotomayer also offers a trick for an instant, pain-free eye lift. “Using a small fluffy brush, apply a taupe or medium brown shade to the crease in a windshield wiper motion. To brighten the eyes and hide redness, use an eggshell, or beige color on the lid and inner corner.” If your goal is to make tired or droopy eyes fuller, Sotomayer recommends “a dark brown shadow applied close to the lashes. To lift the eye, line with a dark brown shadow and bring it up a bit in the outer corner. To make eyes look bigger, line the eye top and bottom (except for the inner corner) and smudge with your finger or a small brush.”

4Set the Stage

Hollywood make-up artist Sandra Marshall recommends priming the eyes with a foundation to maximize the age-defying benefits of any eyeshadow. This extra step prior to application can both brighten the eyes and keep eyeshadow or liner from sliding into fine lines. Choose a shade that is at least two to three shades lighter than your base make-up, and apply sparingly to avoid caking.

Hollywood makeup artist Sandra Marshall shares this liner tip: “Liner is great as long as it isn’t too definite. I prefer a slight smoky affect. Finish it off with a dark brown or black mascara, making sure to get each eye lash individually without clumping.”

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