5 Bad habits to drop for a better body

You want a hot bod and you’re doing all the right things to get there. So why aren’t you seeing the results you want? Well, you may be doing all the right things, but are you still doing something wrong?

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We asked three health and fitness experts – Heather Calcote, RD of dietitianontherun.com, Leanne Shear of Shear Energy Fitness, and Quinn Asteak of HealthCoachQuinn.com – for the top five habits you need to drop because they’re sabotaging your hot body in the making. Here are their answers:


Say bu-bye to bubbles

“Ditch the soda, diet or not,” says Heather. “Studies have shown that even calorie-free sodas can increase hunger, often causing you to reach for a snack, a piece of chocolate or another soda.” So basically, you’re drinking your way into eating more if you reach for the canned fizziness. Replace all the soda you’ve been drinking with good old-fashioned water.

2Cardio, cardio and more cardio

“Stop slogging it out on the elliptical,” Leanne recommends. Your body plateaus super quickly. If you want to lose weight, doing the same straight cardio every time you hit the gym isn’t going to cut it. You need to add strength and weight training into your work-out. And don’t worry ladies, lifting isn’t going to add bulk, Leanne promises.

3Skipping the ZZZs

Resting is a super important part of maintaining a healthy body. Not only does your body rest and repair itself while you’re asleep, a snooze can directly help with weight loss. “When you lack sleep, your body ceases to produce a hormone called leptin which tells your brain when you are full. If you aren’t getting your ZZZs, you are more likely to overeat and reach for quick-fix foods like sugar and caffeine, which will only lead to a vicious cycle,” explains Quinn.

4Avoiding the fine print

Just because the product is called low-fat doesn’t mean that you can skip reading the back label. Heather recommends taking a close look at the ingredient list and being sure you recognize every single ingredient listed as an item you could have in your pantry. Read the nutrition label as well and you might be surprised what you find. Instant oatmeal, for example, seems like a quick and healthy meal but it’s usually loaded with sugar.

5Skimping on protein

If you’re dieting, be sure you’re not depriving yourself of protein. Heather suggests having protein included in not just every meal, but every snack as well. This could be as simple as adding some dairy or a small handful of nuts onto your plate. Protein will keep you feeling full for much longer than quick burning carbs.

There you go. Keep doing what you’re doing to maintain your amazing body and stop doing what you’re doing to sabotage it. Happy almost bikini season!

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