How to get a toned body fast

You’re ready to commit the time and energy it takes to get toned. You just want to be sure what you’re doing works. We hear you. And we want the same thing. For you and for us.

Woman doing yoga

So we asked Heather Calcote, RD of for her take on how to make it work when you work it. And guess what? Heather realizes that strength training in a gym may not be everyone’s cup of Gatorade, so none of her get-fit suggestions involve long hours in the gym. How can you not like that?

Here are Heather’s picks for getting toned in a hurry:


A super alternative to boring weight lifting sessions, “this activity uses every muscle in the body,” says Heather, so you can tone your full body in just an hour-long class. “Practice one to two times per week to stay flexible and increase strength.” She cautions that to make yoga work, you’ve got to work during yoga. Don’t just “do” the poses, put muscle into it and keep your core engaged.

2Morning quickies

She means work-out quickies, you sickos. A quick 10 minutes of strength training three to four mornings a week will be enough to get you on the path to toning. Try push-ups, lunges and squats. The trick is to consistently increase your intensity, so try for higher numbers or more advanced moves. Getting comfortable isn’t the point here.


Toning your body isn’t just about weight lifting and strength. You also need to get your heart racing, so head outside and bike, walk or run for thirty minutes at least two to three times a week.

4Tone up in front of the tube

If you’re having trouble finding the motivation or learning the right techniques for any of the above, get a DVD that will inspire and teach you in the comfort of your own living room. Find a DVD that really interests you, so you’ll actually do it regularly. Use the DVD work-out as your cardio or weight training. Just be sure it’s a real challenge. Enjoyable, but a challenge.

Thanks to Heather for these quick ways to get toned. To get your quick toning time started, how about reading this article again while holding a deep squat? Go for it!

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