Sexy baking

You probably don’t need a GPS to figure out the way to a man’s heart. But if it were up the greeting card industry, you’d be on the road to romance only a few times a year. Why limit yourself? These mood-setting ideas and sexy baked goods and sweet treats will be sure to send sparks flying, bring sexy back, and have you on the freeway of love in no time.

Romantic couple baking

Appeal to the senses

Love at first sight? Not for most people. When you’re planning a romantic and sexy evening, you know you have to set the stage. Keep the following in mind to accompany the sexy sweets you prepare and to appeal to the senses (if all goes well, you won’t have to worry about “taste” and “touch”).

1Aromas: Banish the potpourri and air fresheners for another place and time.

Since you’ll be baking and serving up decadent goodies, the aromas from your homemade treats will fill the air with romance. The smell of cinnamon, spices and baking dough can be worth more than any perfume.

2Lighting: Bright for baking, dim for devouring your dessert.

Of course you want good lighting when you’re preparing your sweet treats, but once complete and ready to serve, candles almost always set the stage for romance. Invest in several colorful and unscented candles and candleholders and place them strategically around the room to help set the mood.

3Music: Upbeat for preparing, soft and slow for enjoying your goodies.

Your favorite, toe-taping music will keep you motivated and moving while you’re sifting and stirring. When it comes time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you can’t go wrong with music that’s a bit more laid-back. Think Barry White. Enough said?

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