How to save money at Disney World

When a single-day ticket is almost $100 per person, vacationing at Disney World can surely add up. While you can expect to pay handsomely for your next Disney family vacation, there are still a number of ways you can help reduce your costs to make the financial impact a little more palatable. Here are just a few ways to save money at Disney.

Fort Wilderness

1Check the Disney Website for special offers

Family travel guideAlways looking to entice families to enjoy everything the park has to offer, Disney World offers special packages that include a combination of accommodations, park admittance and even meals. Plus there are also various ticket options like the multi-day and multi-park ticket options including the Park Hopper Option (multiple parks in one day) or the Magic Your Way ticket (one park per day).

2Bring in everything you can carry

Instead of buying things inside the park, where they can be significantly more expensive, consider carrying the items in with you. For instance, a camera, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, extra batteries and for little ones (and even big kids), an extra change of clothes. You can also bring in any food items that don’t need to be heated (according to the Disney website, you just need to tell your Security Cast Member that you have the items). Bring snacks and one bottle of water for each member of the family (you can refill the water bottles at fountains around the park).

3Sleep outside the park

That’s not to say in the parking lot, that’s not allowed, but instead of choosing a more expensive resort inside the park, find a hotel, motel or resort outside the park boundaries.

4Go camping

Instead of camping in the parking lot, reserve your spot at Fort Wilderness where prices are along the lines of $4 per person per night instead of upwards of $300 per night.

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5Check publications and Websites for discounts

Magazines like I Love Orlando published by Westgate Resorts offer coupons and discounts for dining, shopping and attractions in Orlando. Websites such as feature special discounts on “all things Disney.”

6Check for association discounts

Often organizations will partner with major theme parks (like Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park) to provide discounted ticket rates to its members. Some of the biggest participants include AARP and AAA. Check for corporate discounts through your employer or insurance provider.

7Buy your Disney keepsakes when you get home

Or at least outside the park where prices can dip significantly from what you would spend inside the Magic Kingdom. Better yet, wait until you get home (so you won’t even need to transport them home) to buy those t-shirts, figurines, movies and Mickey Mouse cups. Chances are you can find an official Disney Store near you or visit the website online.

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