Real women share: How I highlight my best feature

How do women really highlight their best features?  We took it to the streets to ask real gals, who were shopping and en-route to brunch on a sunny, lazy Saturday, how they accentuate their favorite parts. These women are not shy to show off their derriere and décolleté and have found ways to maximize their assets with small style and beauty tweaks. Read on for inspiration and motivation from women just like you!

Real women share their beauty secrets

Meet the women

This New Yorker is always on the run – we caught her on the way to visit with friends. The weather is getting colder, but fortunately her favorite body part to accentuate is not seasonally limited. “I like to wear pants that are more fitted and accentuate my legs. I wear knee high boots and I’ll wear something shorter like a shrug so that it focuses on my legs and backside,” says Karyna B.

This mother/daughter duo both love to accentuate their décolleté and have only one rule: “NO turtlenecks!” Not surprisingly, Marcela S. and Veronika S. (pictured left to right) were shopping for corset-type tops and scoop-neck sweaters when we ran into them.

“I think my best feature are my collarbones,” explained Lee N., “so I wear shirts and sweaters that open up around the neck!” Lee also wears statement-making necklaces so they draw attention to the area, too. She recently returned from South Africa with handmade colorful baubles to mix and match.

This athletic Brazilian beauty is not shy to accentuate her legs. Simone M. loves to show off her behind – but how? “Only with Brazilian-cut jeans,” she exclaims, “they mold to every curve and last a lifetime!”

Melissa B. loves to play up (and play down!) her bust. “Crew necks make me look more busty, so I’ll wear v-necks to balance my look,” she explains. To further maximize her best asset, she’ll wear shimmer powder and bronzer between her cleavage to accentuate it when she goes out on-the-town with her hubby.

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