5 Fun, new road trip games

We’ve all been there. The family road trip that usually starts smoothly, but somewhere along the way, it is invaded by the inevitable barrage of whines, complaints and questions as to how much longer. Expand your family’s road trip repertoire and make the most of your time together by trying some of these surprisingly fun games for families on the go!

Child with camera

1Catch that song

Do you have a scan function on your radio or are able to shuffle through songs quickly on a CD or MP3? Try a new version of “Name that Tune” and have the members of the family try and catch the name of the song currently playing. Each time someone guesses correctly, they are awarded a point. Go from the beginning of the dial to the end, or select a time frame for play. This is a great game for everyone since there will most likely be many different musical genres playing.


Plan ahead for those moments where the fidgeting sets in and print out some easy to carry and play travel games for the family. You can find things like travel bingo, scavenger hunt for the car and maps to mark destinations along the way.

3Picture challenge

Make use of the digital cameras and smartphones as you embark on a challenge to capture the theme of the moment in pictures. Since this involves taking your eye off the road, it’s best not to use the driver for taking pictures. Instead, the driver gets to choose the scene topic for the moment, like mileposts, certain car models or scenery while the passengers snap the shots! At the end of the day or at your next stop, compare the photos and declare a winner.

4Road trip ad libs

A mobile twist on the classic wacky game where a new story is created according to the part of speech. You can use something that’s already in the car, like a newspaper or magazine and highlight the nouns, adjectives and verbs. Have each member of the family come up with an alternative word and you’ll end up with a fun and silly story to share!

5Download the app

Before you go, bundle the fun on your phone or iPad and download available apps that bust boredom all the way to your destination. Apps that have the essentials include Road Trip Fun, Road Trip Bingo, Road Trip Scavenger Hunt and Fun Car Games. Many are available for free so if one doesn’t seem to be a hit, try another!

Make the most out of your family’s next road trip by trying out some new family travel games, or even making up your own!

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