3 Classic travel games

Family road warriors on highways everywhere know that the secret to road trip success is keeping the passengers entertained. In addition to packing toys, books and electronics, amuse your kids with the classic family travel games that you played as a child!

Kids in car

Temper the complaints with these classic backseat boredom busters.


Pick a place, any place in the world – Texas, for example. The next person has to think of a place that begins with the last letter of “Texas,” such as “Saudi Arabia.” Whoever goes next needs a place that starts with an A. The rules of the game are that you can not use the same place twice, and it actually has to be a real place! Have fun and think of exotic places that might actually lead to a little lesson in geography along the way.

License plate fun

A favorite among older kids, the object of this game is to list as many states as possible during the trip. Remind kids that semis may carry several state licenses and each one counts! Be sure to check out parking lots at restaurants and motels for a wide assortment. Choose a winner per trip for those shorter hops, choose a winner every two hours or so for those longer excursions.

Twenty questions

Parents love this one because it encourages creativity and deductive thinking. One player thinks of a famous person, place or thing. Everyone else gets to ask the player 20 questions, which must be answered “yes” or “no.” For example, “Is it bigger than a breadbox?” is a valid question, but “What’s its favorite book?” is not. Remember that lying is not allowed because it would ruin the game. If a questioner guesses the correct answer, they win and get to think of the answer for the next round. If 20 questions are asked without a correct guess, then the answer has stumped the questioners and that person gets another turn.

Whether you’re in the car, on a flight or stuck with no power, these road-tested classic family travel games are sure to fight the boredom.

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