Surprising ways to highlight your best features

Ever see a gorgeous woman walking down the street in a scoop top dress, collarbones glistening? Highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones and even your sexy curves are mainstays in our daily routines, but what about those mysterious parts of your body that exudes fierce femininity? 

Here’s your guide to accentuating the best YOU with trendy finds and timeless tips!

Tahari Greyson Ankle BootsDainty ankles

Trendy emphasis

Your ankles are one of the loveliest yet oft-overlooked parts of your body that work hard for you (seriously, check out this season’s round but extreme sky-high heel styles!)

To highlight the skinniest part of your leg, opt for ankle boots that cut off close to the anklebone. The bulk of leather and fabric juxtaposed with thinner ankles highlights their curves. We love these Tahari Greyson Ankle Boots ($129) from

Timeless tip

You can’t go wrong highlighting ankles with cropped or rolled up jeans!

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