5 Tips for plumping up your lips

Fuller, more voluminous lips is always on our wish list. They exude sexiness and femininity. These days, there are a ton of new products and treatments on the market promising fuller lips. Lip plumpers, for example, contain ingredients that react with the delicate skin of your lips, causing the lip tissue to swell. Injections are pricey, painful and can look unnatural. 

Woman with plump lips

Luckily, there are make-up tricks you can use to highlight, define and contour your lips to achieve a sexy pout. Before applying any of these tips, it’s important to keep lips well moisturized. Dry, chapped lips is not something you want to highlight, so apply a conditioning lip treatment or balm every day and especially before wearing lipstick.

You’ll need

  • Concealer or concealer pencil
  • Clean lip brush
  • Two lip liners: one that matches natural lip color, one slightly darker
  • Creamy, matte lipstick that matches darker lip liner
  • Lip gloss


  1. Apply concealer over well-moisturized lips. Make sure you blend the concealer in so that there are no obvious lines. If you are using a concealer pencil, fill it into your lips and slightly outside of your natural lip line. Blend well. Concealer will help lock in the lip liner and lipstick.
  2. Starting with the lip liner that closely matches your natural lip color, begin by tracing a line on your natural lip line. With the darker lip pencil, carefully trace a line slightly outside of your natural lip line. You really want to keep the line as close to your lips as possible. Draw the line too far out and it will look harsh and unnatural. With a clean lip brush, gently blend.
  3. Apply lipstick straight from the tube or with a lip brush. Do not apply any lipstick outside of your natural lip line.
  4. Retrace your natural lip line with the lighter lip liner. With the darker lip liner, focus on the corners of the mouth and shade in carefully. Blend in with a lip brush.
  5. Apply lip gloss, focusing mainly on the center of your lips, both top and bottom. The gloss will help reflect light and give the illusion of fuller lips.

Bonus tips

  • Quick TipChoose lighter lip shades. They will accentuate and highlight your lips more than darker shades
  • To keep lips looking smooth, gently exfoliate them with a wet toothbrush

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