Delicious Life Challenge: Meet the women

Meet the four women who participated in the SheKnows Delicious Life Challenge.

Meet the women


Melanie Pennell
As the mother of three daughters and an online high school history teacher, Melanie Pennell has her hands full. She’s also in the process of earning her master’s degree in curriculum development. The flexibility of teaching online affords her the opportunity to be home with her youngest daughter. Pennell’s schedule is admittedly crazy, especially with a toddler running around.

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Anna Mezzaroba
Despite the stress of moving and starting over, of being apart and, at times, of having to manage their family alone, marine wife Mezzaroba calls her family and marriage of eight years her greatest success. The effort to stay focused on earning her PhD is her greatest challenge.

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Lindsey Karberg
For account executive Lindsey Karberg, work is the focus, but there’s also her husband of two years, their three dogs, a new home and hopes for starting a family. Add to that a day that begins at 7:00 a.m. reading the day’s news, managing her clients’ social media and walking the dogs all before getting to the office by 9:00 a.m. It’s no wonder that Karberg is looking for a little help in perfecting her work-life balance.

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Susan Stephens

As a romance consultant on the East Coast, Susan Stephens had climbed the network marketing company’s ladder to executive director level with 28 other romance consultants beneath her. But, in 2008 a series of health concerns monopolized her time and energy and she was forced to sell her business.

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