SheKnows HomeStretch: Meet the families

Sep 30, 2010 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Meet the families who competed in HomeStretch Season 2: The Battle of the Boys.

The WoodardsThe Woodard Family

Meet Kris Woodard whose family and kids are everything to her. The Woodards are a sports and outdoors family who loves football, basketball, baseball, track and swimming. She partnered up with HomeStretch designer Christy Narsi to create a sports-themed room for son Trey. Read Kris' full bio >>


The Marx Family

Meet Cori Marx, who partnered up with Maria Bailey Benson to create an WWII aircraft carrier-themed room for her son Julien. She admitted that Julien's room was in a sad state and desperately needed some organization as well as a unifying theme. See pictures of Julien's room before and after the transformation and read Cori's full bio >>