SheKnows HomeStretch Season 2: Meet the designers

Meet the talented designers behind HomeStretch Season 2: The Battle of the Boys.

Maria Bailey BensonRed team: Maria Bailey Benson

Say hello to Maria Bailey Benson, the designer behind the red team and Julien’s room for HomeStretch Season 2: The Battle of the Boys. Maria began her design career answering phone in her father’s furniture store. Today, he has returned the favor by inspiring Maria to fulfill her dreams of launching an upscale furnishings and interior design boutique called, Nyla Simone Home, in Tempe, Arizona. Read Maria Bailey Benson’s full bio >>

Blue team: Christy Narsi

Two years ago, Christy and her husband of 13 years started Full Access Interior Design & Reconstruction. Their mission is to help people turn their dreams into reality on a budget. She has a love for creating functional spaces. “I enjoy space planning the most. I thrive on taking poor floor plans and furniture plans, and turning them into functional spaces for families to live in.” For HomeStretch Season 2: The Battle of the Boys Christy partnered with Kris Woodard to design the blue team’s room for Trey. Read Christy Narsi’s full bio >>


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