HomErgency: Meet the designers Tracy Metro and Christy Narsi

Sep 23, 2010 at 2:09 a.m. ET

In HomErgency at SheKnows TV, a fantastic team of contractors helped one family transform their entire house. Learn more about the two designers who made HomErgency possible—Tracy Metro and Christy Narsi.

Christy Narsi and Tracy Metro

About Tracy

Tracy Metro is a master of organization, a cook, a designer, a writer, a TV host, an avid re-user, and a practical environmentalist. She also is the host of "Skil Shop," a how-to TV show, Discovery's "Green Gadgets," Disney's "In The Credits," and "Fan On the Street." You can check out her demos and learn more about Tracy on her website, tracymetro.com.

Tracy tells you how to get organized at Society for Order and how to go green with Recycled White Trash. You also can read her work at "The Huffington Post," "Ecorazzi," "Ali on the Go," and many other blogs and websites.

For HomErgency, she was more than willing and able to tackle the makeover of the Norton's home. The results she and fellow designer, Christy Narsi, achieved were amazing.

About Christy

Christy Narsi and her husband started Full Access Interior Design & Reconstruction in Surprise, Arizona, two years ago. Their mission is to help people turn their interior design and/or reconstruction dreams into reality on a budget.

Why HomErgency?

"This was a very deserving family," says Christy. "Mom needed to be able to relax in a home that had some sort of her personality in it; I wanted to be able to give that to her."

What was the biggest challenge?

"The biggest challenge was opening up the space in an otherwise small living area and making it look larger while still incorporating the dark jewel tones (colors) that the family likes. Dark colors can create a cave-like living space if they are over used. In the HomErgency house, we used light neutrals to open the space but accented with the dark colors. This brought an open feeling that still felt alive with color!"

What was the best part of the experience?

"The satisfaction that came from knowing we conquered an entire house in one week with an incredibly talented team was the best part of this entire experience," Christy says.

Christy's tips

"Don't choose your paint colors first," advises Christy. "Everyone tends to pick paint first, but the reality is that unless you are working with a professional designer, fabrics and textiles are limited to what you can buy at your local stores. Go shopping and find your bedding, curtains, and furniture first. Then you can pick from the virtually endless amount of paint colors to match your fabrics."