5 Secrets of happy women

Sep 21, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. ET

Take control of your attitude and outlook on life—you can make lifestyle changes to boost your happiness and self-confidence. Here are five simple secrets of happy women.

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1Give yourself some me time every single day.

Women are notorious for putting the needs and wants of others first all of the time: caring for children; spouses; aging parents; friends; and, colleagues. The problem is, this can only wear you down, often leading to sour grapes and irritable fatigue. How can you have the energy to care for everyone else when you don't devote some time for yourself? Read, go for a walk, get your makeup done at a product counter, book a massage—whatever it is, large or small, do it just for yourself.

2Get your seven to eight hours a night.

Sounds simple enough, but lack of sleep is common among women, especially those juggling parenting, jobs, and households. Stress and anxiety can keep you up at night. Sleep is touted as the cure for rejuvenating the skin and bodily systems, the solution to working through problems, and a complete energizer. When you're over-tired, you'll feel less than happy or positive about the day ahead. Can't sleep? Try herbal tea at night, turn the television off sooner and enjoy some quiet time in your room before nodding off. Spray some calming lavender mist on your pillow and do some deep-breathing or meditation for a few minutes.

3Keep your body fuelled with fresh food and water.

Life isn't about a perfect shape or weight, no matter what the commercials tell you. Don't starve yourself by denying yourself nutritious foods, or eating very little during the day and then gorging at night. Keep your mood lifted and body fuelled by eating throughout the day and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Love yourself for who you are and treat your body with care.

4Friendship is happiness.

Shopping or chocolate may seem like the answer to the blues, but connecting with a friend does 10 times the good and won't max out your credit card or add inches to your waistline. Women are wired for social interaction and friendships much more so than men. Call your girlfriends once a week to chat and plan a get together. The memories you create will be satisfying and last a lot longer than a new pair of shoes.

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