Delicious Life Challenge: Fitness expert Kendra Jordan

Sep 21, 2010 at 5:27 a.m. ET

In the Delicious Life Challenge, we paired each woman with a team of trainers to help them makeover their lives to be more "delicious." Let's meet one of our experts, Kendra Jordan.

About Kendra

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kendra has more than 10 years of fitness, Pilates, sports medicine, and athletic experience. Kendra holds a bachelor of science degree in kinesiology, and a master of arts degree in sport and fitness management. She maintains her certifications as an NSCA Personal Trainer and was certified as a Certified Athletic Trainer (a profession that deals with the prevention and care of athletic injuries) in 1999.

Kendra is one of a small group of Pilates teachers who was GOLD certified through the Pilates Method Alliance, and she was Arizona's first Lululemon Athletica athlete ambassador in 2008. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, physical rehabilitation, and injury prevention has allowed her to develop a keen eye when working with her students. Kendra also trains and/or approves every one of her instructors in order to maintain the highest quality staff in the Phoenix area.

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How she got started

Kendra first discovered Pilates as a competitive diver in college. She used Pilates to strengthen her abdominals and prevent injury when performing the quick, repetitive movements required for the sport. After college, she continued her Pilates studies, devoting her training to the original techniques and principles first created by Joseph Pilates. Kendra completed a comprehensive year-long program requiring 500 hours of study and apprenticeship in Los Angeles, California, and went on to study with Jill Cassady of Absolution in West Hollywood, California. Both of Kendra's master instructors were trained by Romana Kryzanowska, one of only a handful of remaining Pilates protégé's who trained with Mr. Pilates himself in the early part of the 20th century.

Kendra also studied the intense training techniques that make up the Karve technique after discovering the popularity and effectiveness of ballet barre fitness in California. While many studios have begun to teach their own interpretation of a ballet barre workout, the Karve Studio technique is uniquely effective due to the authentic construction of the studio facilities, and every teacher's adamant attention to detail.

Her passion

"Since opening my first studio in Mesa, Arizona, at k Pilates, I have seen countless women completely change their physiques in a safe, supportive environment," says Kendra. "My own body has changed in ways I never thought possible, even after years of movement studies in other regimens. This has truly become my passion and gives me so much fulfillment to be able to make this technique available to so many people in the Phoenix area."

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