Delicious Life Challenge: Life coach Allison Cabral

Sep 21, 2010 at 5:15 a.m. ET

In the SheKnows Delicious Life Challenge, we paired each participating woman with a team of amazing trainers to help them makeover their lives to be more "delicious." Let's meet one of our experts, life coach Allison Cabral.

Allison CabralAbout Allison

Allison Cabral is a master certified life coach who specializes in helping people design fun, satisfying, and meaningful lives. Her dynamic tools and methodology help people to think and act differently, resulting in lasting changes. She personally trained, and earned her master certified designation, with Dr. Martha Beck, best selling author, columnist for "O Magazine," and life coach to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Using yoga and meditation tools, Allison, a certified yoga instructor, helps clients find peace, flexibility, and strength on and off the yoga mat.

Allison has a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Boston University. Her diverse work experience, more than 20 years, helps her to truly understand her clients' work and life issues. Her past jobs were in teaching, change management consulting, marketing and sales, spa management, publishing, television reporting, and acting/modeling.

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Writer, speaker, and spokesperson

Allison shares her coaching expertise and holistic health knowledge online, in print publications, and in books. She speaks nationally at conferences and leads retreats worldwide. She also appears as a guest expert on television shows such as "Sonoran Living," and "Your Life A – Z."

Being a busy working mother of two daughters, Allison knows how hard it can be juggling life's curve balls, managing stress, and staying organized while having fun and not losing your sanity in the process! Her coaching tools are put to the test in her own life every day.

Best part of her job?

"That coaching isn't work! It is so fun and satisfying helping people create a life they absolutely love," says Allison. "My workdays are filled with blood, sweat, tears, and laughter—all good stuff!"

Why the Delicious Life Challenge?

"I have always wanted to make a BIG difference in the world," Allison says. "It is an incredible opportunity to help four struggling women find peace and happiness. I know that millions of other women are watching and, hopefully, making their own life shifts, too."

Allison's wisdom

"There is no such thing as perfection or perfect balance," she explains. "In making life decisions, the joy you are seeking is found by choosing the path that feels best in your heart and forgetting what others have to say."

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