SheKnows HomeStretch: Meet the designers – Christy Narsi

Sep 21, 2010 at 4:58 a.m. ET

In Season 2 of the series, "HomeStretch," it was the Battle of the Boys. Two amazing designers were paired with two moms to makeover their sons' rooms for $2,000 in two days. Let's meet one of the designers, Christy Narsi, of Full Access Interior Design & Reconstruction.


About Christy

Christy Narsi is 33 years old and has been married for 13 years. A resident of Surprise, Arizona, Christy is a mother of two daughters, ages 9 and 10. Two years ago, Christy and her husband started Full Access Interior Design & Reconstruction. Their mission is to help people turn their dreams into reality on a budget.

Making space

When we asked Christy what the favorite thing about her work was, she stressed her love for creating functional spaces. "I enjoy space planning the most. I thrive on taking poor floor plans and furniture plans, and turning them into functional spaces for families to live in."

Why HomeStretch?

"'HomeStretch' was an opportunity for me to invest in another mom's life," says Christy. "Good design always takes a backseat to other financial obligations when managing a family. Through 'HomeStretch' we were able to give this mom an incredible gift that she probably wouldn't have otherwise invested in. I know the joy that comes from giving your children something they have always dreamed of having…their own special room that reflects their imagination. And with 'HomeStretch,' we got to do just that!"

Tips from Christy

Color - When decorating for kids, don't be afraid to go bold with color! Don't worry about shrinking the room or making it feel small. When you make a room feel smaller for a kid it's like their room is giving them a big giant hug! They love it!

Floor space - Be sure your kids' rooms have enough floor space. They want to spread out and play. If you don't give them floor space they are going start playing in other rooms in the house and avoiding their own.

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