Best curtains & window treatments for kids

Sep 16, 2010 at 12:54 a.m. ET

Decorating opens the door to a kid's room full of color, personality, and his or her unique style. Choosing curtains and window treatments that complement the color and theme brings the room together. Showcase your creativity and put the finishing touches on a masterpiece that represents your child.

Curtain sheers

Check out some of the latest trends in window fashions for kids' rooms.


Valances are the easiest place to incorporate the theme or color scheme of a room. Look for a fun pattern or design that you may have going in the room like geometric shapes, sports themes, or flowers. A valance made of galvanized steel works great for an industrial look in a boy's room that pops with orange, while a valance in a solid color strategically scrunched up into flowers complements a girl's room in a fun, whimsical way.

2Striped curtains

Stripes are a classic and striped curtains in bright, bold colors are super hot. We're not talking jailhouse stripes, but rather solid blocks at the bottom and the top of the curtain in contrasting colors that add dimension and style to a room.

3Roman shades

The window covering that's all the rage for the entire house comes in a variety of colors and patterns for the kid of the house. From fresh flower designs and vertical stripes to solid red and natural bamboo, roman shades simply make a kid's room more fun. Look for light blocking material to help them get the sleep they need while you get the energy savings!

4Finials and rods

Rods and finials add just a touch of creativity to window coverings. Rods don't have to be conventional. Consider the theme of the room and go with something like a rowing oar, a twirling baton, or a baseball bat. Finish off the look with some window accessories such as finials shaped like butterflies, crystal cubes, or basketballs.


Dress up the window by adding hanging ribbon from the rod to punch up an everyday sheer curtains. Groovy beads and light reflecting crystals hanging through the sheer material can add flair and pizzazz. Have your kids help design the finishing touches and watch them beam with pride as they display their handy work within their own sanctuary.

Curtains and window treatments for kids are a fun way to express creativity. Be sure to always consider the child's age, however, and take any necessary safety precautions to avoid them accidentally pulling down the coverings or playing dangerously with the cords.

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