Best paint colors for kids' rooms

Sep 16, 2010 at 12:50 a.m. ET

Kids love colors and the idea of painting a kid's personal space brings out the grade-schooler in all of us. Color is one of the easiest ways to express emotion and bring out the character of a room, and its occupant. Transform grown up, neutral colors into a bright and happy space that your kids can call their own.

Blue bedroom for girl

Even though the idea of painting your kid's room with the hot pink that she loves so much makes you cringe, you can both be happy when you surround it with more temperate tones.


Blue is known to be relaxing, it represents calm and serenity. For a soft look, pair light blue with white, stone gray, or cornflower. For a punch of color, consider vamping it up with orange, aqua, turquoise, or purple. Remember, though, the color of blue changes dramatically in various types of natural light, so go with a lighter blue if the room doesn't have much natural light, and more of a blue-gray or steel blue in rooms with abundant light.


Whether for a boy or a girl, yellow is the perfect choice for shared rooms or nurseries where the gender is unknown. The hues of yellow are numerous, so you can go from very soft to bright, bold yellow, depending on your child's personality. Yellow provides the perfect backdrop for accent colors like red, blue, and purple.


Too much classic red may be a little overwhelming. Instead, use it as an accent throughout the room and find a bedspread or comforter in a red tone to make it more of a focal point in the room. Consider some matching red curtains and, possibly, a red border or accent wall. However, stay away from an all red room to avoid too much of a good thing.


Pink hues range from bright fuschia to a pale, dainty pink. Think about how much pink you can live with and go from there. Hot pink makes a great accent color while pale pink can easily be used for the walls. Trendy pairings for pink include chocolate brown, deep burgundy, and green.


Teens and tweens love orange; however, the room doesn't have to look like a popsicle when you choose the right shade. From soft marigold to orange sky, there are a variety of great orange paint colors that can be used both as a base and as an accent color. Guys will love orange paired with slate gray for an industrial feel, while girls will get a kick out of an orange and pink combo.

Whatever the paint color you choose for your kid's room, have fun with it and allow it to reflect his or her own budding sense of style.

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