Bio: Susan Stephens

Jul 12, 2010 at 11:26 a.m. ET

As a romance consultant on the East Coast, Susan Stephens was doing very well. She had left her corporate job as an administrative assistant and within a few years’ time, had climbed the network marketing company’s ladder to executive director level with 28 other romance consultants beneath her. But, in 2008 a series of health concerns monopolized her time and energy and she was forced to sell her business.

Susan Stephens, a participant in the Delicious Life Challenge

To relieve some of her health issues, Stephens moved to Arizona with her then husband. After regaining some of her former health, Stephens connected with another networking marketing company in March of 2010 and is working to re-establish her career to its former livelihood.

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As a participant in the Delicious Life Challenge, she's looking forward to working with a life coach to help her in this regard. But, now that she has her health issues under control, Stephens' is also very much interested in undoing the damage done. She wants to re-establish good habits and becoming active again.

"I used to be so active," Stephens said. "It's discouraging."

After trying to go back to the gym on her own and working out to different exercise tapes, Stephens is excited about having someone to work with her personally, someone who knows her health challenges.

Part of Stephens' job is helping women re-ignite their love life by pampering themselves and feeling good about themselves.

"It's important for women to feel good about themselves," said Stephens who adds that she would like to feel better about herself, too.

"I'm so excited to have someone to teach me how to eat and teach me what I need to do to look and feel good," Stephens said.

When asked what she wanted from the Delicious Life Challenge: "I want to do what needs to be done. I know it's going to be tough as hell, but it has to be done."