Bio: Anna Mezzaroba

Jul 12, 2010 at 11:16 a.m. ET

The daughter of a Marine and the wife of an Airman, Anna Mezzaroba knows the meaning of the word sacrifice. Despite the stress of moving and starting over, of being apart and, at times, of having to manage their family alone, Mezzaroba calls her family and marriage of eight years her greatest success. And the effort to stay focused on her dream of earning her PhD her greatest challenge.

Anna Mezzaroba, a participant in the Delicious Life Challenge

In addition to going to school full-time, Mezzaroba is the mother of a seven-year-old son, and a full-time special education teacher at a day school in Peoria, Arizona where she works with emotionally disabled children.

"Our goal is to get the kids back into public school as quickly as possible with the skills they need to succeed," said Mezzaroba.

Just recently, one of her students moved up seven grade levels in three academic years and has now re-entered the public school system.

"I'm so proud, he's going back to public school," Mezzaroba said.

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While Mezzaroba earns a great deal of satisfaction from her job, she's very interested in earning her PhD so that she can help change the laws that impact the kids she works with every day.

With a full-time job, school, her son and life as a military wife, Mezzaroba is looking to find herself again. When asked about her goal for the Delicious Life Challenge: "It's for me personally to get back to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me."

She's also hoping to re-establish some of her healthier habits, like running.

"I used to be a runner," Mezzaroba said. "I lost that part of me when I put other priorities ahead of that."

A part of herself she hopes to re-discover during the challenge.

"I want it back," Mezzaroba said. "Once I get that part of me back, my little kiddo who is always bouncing off the walls, he's going to have to keep up with me!"