SheKnows HomeStretch: Meet the designer -- Christina Forrest

Feb 22, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Meet SheKnows HomeStretch designer Christina Forrest. This award-winning designer focuses on her clients' needs and dreams and views design as a way to improve their lives.

meet Christina

Committed to creating spaces that reflect the people who inhabit them, Christina views design as a way to improve life. An award winning designer, Christina's focuses on clients' needs and dreams to design unique yet functional spaces. She is a graduate of Scottsdale Community College with an AAS and a Profession Certificate in Interior Design.

While serving apprenticeships with Phoenix-based residential and commercial design firms, Christina defined her passion for interior design with an emphasis on exemplary service. Her experience also includes seven years in the marketing industry and she holds a Bachelors of Science in International Marketing from Boston University.

She is currently the principal interior designer for In Your Space Interiors, along with design partner and principal interior designer Jill Stebbins. Together, they partnered with HomeStretch mom Stacie to redesign her family room/office/workout space.

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Q&A With Christina

Q: For this challenge, you'll be working with moms. What do you like about helping moms design a space in their home?

A: I think moms can be so concerned about their kids that they forget about themselves. This includes being organized so they will have more stress-free days. Designing for mom's gives me the chance to show women the real possibilities in their life, by simply designing their space to suit their lifestyle.

Q: What is your advice for moms who want to update a room in their house but don't know where to start?

A: Prioritize! Decide what is most important to you. Do you need cozier seating? More storage? More light? By deciding what is important to you, your design will be more focused. Also, do hesitate to consult with a designer. Designers are not out of reach, and can work with almost any budget. A professional can help you save time and money.

Q: What is your favorite room to design?

A: The kitchen! I love finding a place for everything and creating an efficient work space.

Q: Who is your dream celebrity client?

A: Right now, Elin Woods…I have a small suspicion there is no limits on designing her home and what a better time to get a new space.

Q: What is the strangest request you've received when working with a client?

A: Once, a client wanted me to design the inside of their dog house. It was a little strange, but fun and took a lot of research since I wasn't sure what dogs would like!