Meet Erica and Chad

Erica and Chad’s living room is only one of the many areas in need of some love in their older home.

Erica and Chad

Chad and Erica were friends in high school before Chad proposed to Erica in a snowstorm on Mammoth Mountain. They don’t have any kids yet, but they do have a 2-year-old dog named Piper.

They bought their house in 2012 from the original owners who had been in the house for 50 years. Erica says the living room is central to their main dream for the house, which is for it to be a place where family and friends are comfortable visiting.

The house is definitely a work in progress, and the living room had been neglected. They’ve been bogged down by other major projects in the house, with tasks ranging from ripping up the floors, redoing the kitchen and even knocking down a wall that had a built-in fish tank.

They’re excited for someone to give their living room a little love and finally have a space for loved ones to hang out.

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