Meet party planner Courtney Fernan

Courtney’s specialty is turning a house into a home.

Courtney Fernan |

Courtney Fernan is an interior decorator and blogger based out of Southern California. Courtney has a love for all things related to the home and a deep passion for helping others create inviting, cozy spaces. She believes you can make a home charming and beautiful with a little bit of effort and not a lot of money — and she shows her readers how to do just that on her blog, A Thoughtful Place.

Courtney isn’t afraid of a DIY project every now and then and loves to find ways to make things personalized and thoughtful. When the holidays roll around, she loves to host parties and entertain family and friends.

When she’s not busy with her clients and blog, Courtney is a stay-at-home mommy to two young children, doing her very best to keep it all together. She loves to spend time with her kids and her husband and loves family bike rides and traveling.

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