Meet the Gendreaus

The Gendreaus are a tight-knit family looking to add some character to their new space.

Meet the Gendreaus |

Sara and Cole Gendreau have been married for three years. They recently bought a house down the street from Sara’s mom and sister and are working to turn their new house into a home with 1-year-old son Greyson.

Sarah was in love with the location and layout of her living room. It’s open to the kitchen and has a nook for the playroom — the perfect space for a growing family. She just wanted to see more character and coziness added. The room had remained a pretty blank canvas since the family moved in just a few short months ago and was begging for some personalization.

Sara was looking for a way to make the room look appealing, yet still be functional enough to serve as a comfortable place for her family to congregate.

It didn’t take long for the SheKnows Homestretch team to give her exactly what she was looking for. New curtains and patterned backing for the bookshelves gave the room a whole new look.

“Everything about this room is just cozy and now spectacular,” said Sara.

Now that everything’s perfectly in place, Sara is looking forward to celebrating the holidays in her new home.

“We plan on having many holiday play dates with tiny munchkins running around… putting out kids’ snacks, adult beverages, and just letting all the little ones enjoy their first real holiday season!” she said. “I can just imagine staying up late, wrapping presents and being Santa and enjoying the new space exactly as it was meant to be. It is an entertainer’s dream!”

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