Meet Jill Bryan, star of Sunday Night Circus

Have you ever wanted the perfect quip for your sassy teenagers? Wish you always knew what to say when someone crosses you? Stand-up comedian Jill Bryan has always been quick with the comebacks — her upbringing ensured it. Luckily, even if you don’t always have the best comebacks, you can live vicariously through her every week.

Meet Jill Bryan |

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Jill Bryan has never been one to keep quiet. A large family pretty much ensured she would never be a wallflower. And as a married mother of two, that sharp tongue is something that has come in handy over the years.

Her trademark sass brought her recognition in her adopted home of Phoenix, Arizona. She hosts regular comedy nights throughout the Phoenix area and has worked with Jimmy Fallon, Norm Macdonald, Jeffery Ross, Robert Schimmel and of course her very own famously funny brother, Jimmy Kimmel. Her comedy has brought her overseas to perform much-needed comic relief for troops in Germany, Belgium and England. Catch Jill every Sunday as she hosts SheKnows TV’s Sunday Night Circus.

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