Meet designer Sandra Powell

Nov 5, 2013 at 3:35 p.m. ET

Meet Sandra Powell, one of the designers for the newest season of HomeStretch.

Sandra Powell

Sandra Powell's do-it-yourself journey began 12 years ago. She spent a lot of time relocating to new cities due to her husband's career, and that meant lots of new houses. After a few big moves, she began to realize how much value she could add to each home they lived in just by using her own creative-design ideas.

With her own skill, effort and elbow grease, Sandra has remodeled five homes. In the process, she has cultivated her design sensibilities, honed her DIY and carpentry skills and become an icon among "do it all yourself" women.

She has also developed a blog, Sawdust Girl, to document her journey and encourage and inspire her readers.

Sandra's talents have evolved to designing custom built-ins and coaching new DIYers through the build. She also teaches workshops around the country.

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