Meet James and Susie

Nov 5, 2013 at 12:25 p.m. ET

James and Susie want a laundry room that's easy to work in and that fits the style of their home.

James and Susie

James and Susie are newlyweds who are working to turn their current house into the home of their dreams.

They've already done a lot of work and remodeling around their house, but so far, they've overlooked their laundry room. It's time for the couple to remedy that.

They're ready to ditch the old, bare look of the room for something more current — but they're also excited to add functionality to the room, which doesn't work as well as it could.

Some of their chief complaints about their current laundry room include the fact that it's difficult to reach the cabinets above the washer and dryer. Not only are the cabinets high up, but they're set far back and not easy to reach with the large appliances in the way. James and Susie are also looking for a way to hang clothes and create a storage solution for their brooms and mops — which are all currently stored on the floor in hard-to-reach places.

James and Susie have big dreams for their new laundry room. They envision marble counter tops, crown molding, an accent wall and recessed lighting. Once the room is complete, they're hoping it will be bright and clean, organized and highly functional. After all, why should a laundry room be any less fabulous than the other rooms in a home?

James and Susie have done a lot of searching to find inspiration for their perfect laundry room, and they found lots of things they love at Sawdust Girl. They say the website "was a humongous help, with tons of tips and ideas."

Are you as anxious as James and Susie are to see how their laundry room turns out? We are! Stick with us to see the results.

Check out photos from James and Susie’s laundry room makeover!

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Check out before and after photos from James and Susie’s laundry room makeover!

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